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Now that he has announced,...

Rand Paul 2016

...what will be your response?


Upcoming Events

  February Monthly Meeting [CFL]

Sat., Feb. 27 @ 1:00pm - Grotto Pizza, US 11 in Kingston, PA.
Meeting agenda: TBA

  March Monthly Meeting [CFL]

Date/time TBA - Grotto Pizza, US 11 in Kingston, PA.
Meeting agenda: TBA


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There is an error into which most of the speculators on government have fallen, and which the well-known state of society of our Indians ought, before now, to have corrected. In their hypothesis of the origin of government, they suppose it to have commenced in the patriarchal or monarchical form. Our Indians are evidently in that state of nature which has passed the association of a single family... The Cherokees, the only tribe I know to be contemplating the establishment of regular laws, magistrates, and government, propose a government of representatives, elected from every town. But of all things, they least think of subjecting themselves to the will of one man.

Thomas Jefferson
Letter to Francis W. Gilmer, 1816


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