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Now that he has announced,...

Rand Paul 2016

...what will be your response?


Upcoming Events

  February Monthly Meeting [CFL]

Sat., Feb. 27 @ 1:00pm - Grotto Pizza, US 11 in Kingston, PA.
Meeting agenda: TBA

  March Monthly Meeting [CFL]

Date/time TBA - Grotto Pizza, US 11 in Kingston, PA.
Meeting agenda: TBA


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Is it best to put the pseudo-aristoi of wealth and birth into a separate chamber of legislation, where they may be hindered from doing mischief by their coordinate branches, and where, also, they may be a protection to wealth against the agrarian and plundering enterprises of the majority of the people? I think that to give them power in order to prevent them from doing mischief is arming them for it, and increasing instead of remedying the evil. For if the coordinate branches can arrest their action, so may they that of the coordinates. Mischief may be done negatively as well as positively... Nor do I believe them necessary to protect the wealthy; because enough of these will find their way into every branch of the legislation to protect themselves.

Thomas Jefferson
Letter to John Adams, 1813


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